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Is your child too young to be using technology?

Technology can sometimes hinder forming a meaningful bond between you and your child. By using tablets and phones to stimulate and distract children, parents are also unknowingly interrupting the natural development of social, physical and cognitive skills that children need to acquire in their formative years. 

As an early learning service provider, Piptree has a responsibility to educate parents on the importance of a child’s early years exposure, as well as provide a solution to these modern day challenges. 

Our range of educational toys will allow you to bond with your child, whilst providing stimulating engagement and teaching fundamental skills through play. The best thing about our toys is that your child can learn intuitively through independent play, and you can also join in the fun!

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Our Happy Customers!

  • I find the range in the Piptree shop quite unique and love that they all have an educational purpose. It's nice to find a whole shop of toys and games that allow children to be creative and have fun while learning! It's not often we come across a toy our children both enjoy using equally and is versatile enough to apply to so many different learning areas!

    - Jennifer S.

  • We LOVE our touch and feel box! My kids and their cousins all have fun with it (ages 18mths - 9yrs!!) It is well made and such a great developmental tool.

    - The Bored Toddler

  • My four year old daughter loves using the Moziblox for making patterns and pictures. With lots of discussion about positions and shapes, they're so much more than just the creative blocks I thought they were!

    - Jennifer

  • My two girls (aged 3 and 4) absolutely love the Multilayer Wooden Puzzle (Little Girl) and it has provoked so much thoughtful learning around the body! It’s a wonderful hands-on, concrete way to provoke learning about the human body as well as being great for problem-solving skills.

    - Emma

  • We have enjoyed teaching our 3 year old the Smart Builders game. Simple concepts of memory and matching are perfect skills for this age group. The theme of the game is also totally up his alley! Loves recognising the tools and building the house at the end. Fabulous board game!

    - Rachel

  • Being a customer with Piptree Toys has been a great experience from the start. The friendly customer service and the fast delivery was flawless. The quality was wonderful quality and covers a wide age range which is just fabulous. I will be coming back again and again!

    - Zara D.